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       Capital Of Panama, Panama City population: 900,000
Panama City, PanamaThe capital of Panama is a modern, thriving commercial center stretching six miles along the Pacific coast from the ruins of Panamá Viejo in the east to the edge of the Panama Canal in the west. The old district of San Felipe (also known as Casco Antiguo or Casco Viejo) juts into the sea on the southwestern side of town. Attractions include the 17th-century Metropolitan Church, the Interoceanic Canal Museum of Panama, the Plaza de Bolívar, the presidential palace, History Museum of Panama and the sea wall built by the Spaniards four centuries ago.
Via España's banking and convention center district moves in counterpoint to this graceful elegance of centuries past. This modern sector sizzles with the bold designs of modern buildings and venues for sophisticated entertainment. Panama City, as a major business center, boasts magnificent luxury hotels designed with the business person and upscale tourist in mind as well as attractive middle range and
budget hotels. Panama City is known for its lively night life.
It all takes place in three sectors of the city:
The business district, Casco Viejo, the historic Spanish Colonial sector of the city and spectacular Amador Causeway connecting a string of Panama Bay islands with ocean and city views both day and night (Evening Tour to Fort Amador). The city offers a wide variety of nightlife spots-bars, discos, pubs and Panama casinos. Restoration and refurbishment within the city has made Casco Viejo one of the city’s most fashionable destinations for a night out. Elegant bars, restaurants, and sidewalk cafe's are opening.
The charm of the old continues to be revitalized.


Panama Vasco Nunes de Balboa

 Vasco Nunes de Balboa - G5 ON MAP

Pacific Ocean discoverer. Thanks to his discovery Panama was used as a link between Spain Crown and the civilizations of South America. Through the Stems of Panama passed Thousands of gold and silver from the lands of Peru.

Panama la Vieja / Old Panama City

Panama la Vieja / Old City

  Due to its commerce and represent a link between the Old and the New World, Panama was always in the sight of pirates. The City of Panama was destroyed in 1671 by the English pirate Henry Morgan. Today we will only find ruins of the main buildings from that time.

Panama Monumento Goethals Memorial

Monumento Goethals / Memorial - D3 ON MAP

George W. Goethals, Chief Engineer and President of the Isthmian Canal commission, from   1907 - 1914, and the first Governor of the Panama Canal. The marble monument was dedicated on Mach 31st, 1954. Its shaft represent the Continental Divide and the hands on each side represent the Canal locks.

Panama train Tours

Edificio de la Administracion - D3 ON MAP

The Administration Building is a beautiful architect work. It is located in the Balboa area, former U.S.A. military bases. Today is open to the public to visit. The afternoons are a perfect time to enjoy in its surroundings.

Panama Train

Ferrocarril de Panama - D2 ON MAP

    Build  by a group of American businessmen in 1855, today we can use it to go on a time trip from Panama City to Colon City, or vice - versa. It is awesome.

Panama Balboa military zones

  Balboa - D3 ON MAP

The Area of Balboa is really relaxing. It used to be military zones, but today all belongs to the Panamanian Government thanks to the Torrijos-Carter treaties. It is perfect to go and visit places such as The Administration Building, Cerro Ancon, Handcraft Market, Balboa Theatre.

Panama Balboa Avenue

Panama City  Avenida Balboa / Balboa Avenue

The closest avenue to the Pacific Ocean. Relaxing, with malls, restaurants, hotels and a spectacular view of the city. Enjoy it on your next vacation to Panama City.

Panama Banks

Centro Bancario / Banking Center

Did you know that Panama City has the most important in America and the World's Second largest Banking Center? In Panama there are branches of more than 80 International banks. The official coin is the American Dollar and for this reason the inversions increases annually. 

Panama Carmen Church

Iglesia del Carmen / Carmen Church

In the center of the city, on one of the most important Avenues, Central Espana you will find this important Church. Built in the last century.

It is one of the oldest and most important churches in the City. It's style and architect design is a perfect example of the Gothic movement.

Panama National Sanctuary

Iglesia El Santuario - J5 ON MAP

Surrounded by banks and shopping centers you'll find The National Sanctuary. For it's beauty it is one of the favorite churches for weddings. It is located on Samuel Lewis Galindo Avenue and 53rd Street.

More Sightseeing Attractions while on Vacation in Panama.  

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