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More and more people are traveling to Panama, not only to get cured, but to enjoy a vacation and save money as well...

Panama Health-Care services for Foreign Residents:

Panamanian medical institutions and practitioners are well aware of the "wave" of the foreign retirees (especially "Baby Boomers") that have relocated to Panama in recent years. In order to cater to this special segment of the population, local medical organizations have established ties with a number of prestigious institutions in the US and others have instituted attractive medical coverage programs for foreign residents. Specialized, private clinics are also opening closer to Expat communities in the interior provinces.
Emergency rooms in hospitals provide free first aid, but charge for other medical interventions and services.

Panama Health Care

Pana-Health, an organization encompassing top rated medical practitioners from a wide range of fields and specialties, is pioneer in the new field of "Medical Tourism", not only in Panama, but also in Latin America.

Panama's excellent medical facilities and geographical position are also attracting many Latin American patients, especially in this time and day, when it is sometimes difficult to enter United States due to visa restrictions.

Panama's reputation as one of the healthiest countries in Latin America dates back to the construction of Panama Canal, when the country was freed from tropical diseases still present in "first-world" countries in the early 20th century. Not only did the US doctors help to eradicate malaria, yellow fever and typhoid from the Isthmus, they inspired generations of Panama doctors, nurses and lab technicians, many of whom were trained in the US and Europe, to return to their homeland to build hospitals and clinics with the latest technology.

Panama Health CAT Scan Machine
State of the art CAT scanning machines (which eliminate the need for catheter incisions),
tri-dimensional computer reconstructions, the latest radiotherapies for cancer, and the latest assisted reproduction programs are some of the technologies available at Pana-Health affiliated hospitals and clinics.

The ever increasing costs of medical services up north and relatively accessibility of the same services in Panama is also one of the keys behind Pana-Health success. For example a dental implant costs between US$1,900 and $3,000 in the Midwestern United States, the same procedure could cost $1,000 in a top rated Panamanian hospital. If a patient needs, say 10 implants, that would imply more than $10,000 in savings. The same occurs with cardiology, ophthalmology and plastic surgery, which are among the most sought-after treatments at Pana-Health.

First Class Health Care and Vacation in Panama.

Panama Health Average Cost

Plastic Surgery, Assisted Reproduction, Dental Implants,
Cosmetic Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology,
Pneumology and Allergies, Urology, Orthopedics,
General and Oncology Surgery, Extreme Makeovers, Cardiology

First Class Medical Care at Affordable Prices


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